Saturday, September 29, 2018

Row, Row, Row Your Boat!

 There was more rain tonight resulting in this beautiful double rainbow!
 The 'lake' which has been created with all the rainfall is a boy's greatest delight!
Bill is rowing all over the lower portion of our property-the acres that have been flooded by the rising waters of the Lake Como.  The dirt pile in the background right behind Will's left ear, was one of their favorite places to play--has been out of reach for months and months!  This brought some joy and adventure to this area once again!
 Looking back toward our home, here is the banana grove-it, too, is under water but so far has not been killed by drowning!
In fact, there is a large bunch of bananas growing still!  
 Isn't it beautiful?  I do wonder how long the water will stay so high.  We are entering our dry season and so the water should recede without the rainfall to feed the flooding but who knows?
 This area used to be under water 80 years ago and the cycle of the weather just might bring it back to this geography once again!  It is still listed as a flood plain on our property survey. 
But for now, there are daily boat rides and much pirate talk among my sailors!


  1. Wow, you property looks so tropical! Can't believe you have bananas growing! Kids are too cute too :)

  2. The reflection photos are beautiful, and the little pirates are adorable.

  3. the boys look like they're having fun! and it looks as if a dinosaur could enter the photo any second:) hope you don't have to pick the bananas from a boat....

  4. All the knitting is gorgeous! And the boys look thrilled with their boat ride.

  5. Those are some adorable little pirates you have there! What a magical place to grow up in!

  6. Wow you have been hit hard with rain!!! The kids are darling and look very happy.

  7. IT is very beautiful, in a Florida swampy way. We have a small water area behind our house that fills up and then almost disappears depending on the rains. We have gators and water moccasins back there so I steer clear.

  8. It is do hard to wrap my head around your scenery change! I can see how it would make for lots of boating fun, though. :)


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