Monday, June 29, 2020

A Runner

While I was searching through the stash for some blues for the mystery QAL,
I found these blocks.
I squared them up and then made a little runner!
Nice to give some life to the orphan blocks.
And this week, I will be piecing the extra units I made for the QAL.
This was an accidental math error but the fabric is all cut and ready for me!
Why not?!
The nice part about it being a scrap quilt
is that I don't get bored with the same block each time 
because they are not the same each time!
Look how beautiful the orchid is again!
The last bloom fell off from the first six blooms
and it budded again!
This time two of the four are open and the others are near to bloom, too.
I've never seen it do this!
This has been blooming since February-amazing.
Isn't it a beautiful coloring?
I wake up to this in my eastern window each morning.


  1. That orchid is GORGEOUS. Nice runner, too!

  2. What a pretty orchid! That would be nice to wake up to. My cats would eat something like that in a heartbeat. I have no idea why they love flowers so much but it is annoying. I would love some African Violets in my window sill.

  3. A beautiful orchid! Scrappy quilts are THE best in my humble opinion.

  4. Gorgeous orchid. It obviously loves living at your house.

  5. I tend to create with the color blue a lot. This is a lovely blue quilt. I wish that I could grow orchids. They just don't bloom for me.

  6. Love the orchid! I don't have any anymore. I'd love to try again, but I have no windows facing the right direction


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