Friday, June 26, 2020

Being Home

 I spent a good part of the day piecing the elements I've been making for the mystery QAL.
They are pretty and very different than what I would've done all on my own 
which is why this kind of participation is good for me! lol
 Lena didn't leave my side today (she doesn't like it when I am gong all day like the other day!)
Most of the time I was sewing, she was laying on my units 
so I had to move her or dig under her to get the segment I needed!
 When I needed to stretch, I stood up and finished the vintage paint brush quilt on the frame.
 In no time, I was finished and as I unrolled the quilt to take it off--I discover these nests underneath!
I had to walk away but later did begin the job of picking them out and then I will have to try and
sew these areas again.  I did find the old machine did not like the slick thread I chose.  Sigh.
And then Bill called to me to see if I could get a pic of these visitors-
gopher tortoise in the foreground, eating some of the pig plums on the ground
and the sandhill crane family in the background;  
they had been eating from the corn crib until I disturbed them!


  1. The QAL colors are so peaceful and lovely. Fun to try something different! Oh, our cat would we get anything done without them?! I had my sewing machine on the table yesterday morning (Bruce had Zoom meetings, so I couldn’t sew in there) and Mindy decided that made the table fair game for her...she was very excited to help!

  2. The mystery quilt is so unusual. I like how it's coming together. Kitty really is making a statement, isn't she? How funny is that pose.

  3. Oh, I like that mystery! Drats on the rats nest!!!

  4. So many pieces on that mystery quilt! Well done! I hate when my sewing machine does not cooperate and I never know what I did to upset it. I have been quilting by hand and really enjoy it (plus it makes me feel productive while I binge-watch Netflix!) Thanks for the great post!

  5. The mystery QAL looks like a great scrap buster! I like the soft colors.

  6. Lena looks like she's practicing a yoga pose. :-) That mystery quilt is beautiful. I like the calm colors in it.I'm sorry about the nests. That has happened to me before too. How disappointing when you thing it's all done and then you turn it over.

  7. Ugh!! SEW disheartening to roll a quilt and find nothing but loops of thread where lovely quilting stitches should be. :o((

  8. The mystery QAL is going to be beautiful! Your helper is just adorable. What a bummer to discover the back of your quilt was not the stitching you expected.

  9. Quilt is a beauty. I've never done a mystery knit a long. WOW love those turtles.

  10. Lena sounds like Burton. If I leave him, the next day he sticks to me like glue.
    I'm off to see my brother and family tomorrow, so Burton and I will be spending all Sunday together, I'm sure.

  11. I really like your QAL.... and So sorry about the unpicking!

  12. Does Lena's leg stick out funny from when you found her injured?

    she is such a cute cat!

  13. Oh, I hate finding Loop Monsters on the back of my quilts! What a bummer, especially since your quilting looked really good from the top. You said you think your machine doesn't like "slick thread." Have you tried using one of those thread net things on the cone? Looking at your photo, it seems to me like your problem might be caused by this slippery thread sliding off the cone too quickly, creating periods when you're quilting and your top tension is super loose, so the thread slack gets pulled to the bottom and makes lumps, and then when you've quilted up the slack thread you get nice stitches again until the thread starts to slide off the cone too fast again. If you don't have a thread net, I know Superior Thread sells them on their web site. Another trick that might help is to stick a scrap of batting in the first thread guide right above your cone. That way, the tension stays the same from there to the needle, even if the thread is loosening around the cone as you quilt. Your mystery QAL looks fantastic so far, by the way!

  14. How lovely to see nature right in your backyard. Good luck with the quilting. Stay safe.


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