Saturday, June 27, 2020

Just Do It!

 I finished piecing the Mystery QAL blocks yesterday
 and will sew them together today!
 Once the piecing was done, there was nothing for it but to rip out all of those stitches gone so wrong!
It only took a little more than an hour to snip and pull from the wrong side.
I then stuck a pin in the front marking each of the areas that needed repairs .
I had to use the variegated thread to match the missing stitches.  It worked very well actually! 
 And soon I had it completed and enjoyed a second more successful, "Ta-Da!"
 It was a great project-I will add the binding today, too.
 See how perfect the backing is--splashes of colors!  Lena thinks it is just right, too.
I loaded up the next quilt on the frame last night so I am ready to go!


  1. Boy have I been there. I keep telling myself I need to be practicing my machine quilting more often because that is the kind of thing I do all the time when I'm rusty. Having The Mister under my feet all day is really impacting on my piecing time so everything is in slow motion at the moment.

  2. The variegated quilting thread is beautiful.

    Lena wants to CATCH those fishies.

  3. I have don't that so much and it's so frustrating. I'm glad that it didn't take you any longer to pick the threads out and restitch it.
    Lena is a great inspector. She'll keep you on your toes to do thigs the right way.

  4. I guess it was just someone's way of slowing you down for a bit. But I can see that's not keeping you from going back to full speed ahead! LOL


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