Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Another Room Gets a Face-Lift

 I spent hours today, emptying the buffet, polishing the wood,
 even emptying the china cabinet and cleaning that, too.
This set was purchased by Bill's parents circa 1945.
Why all of the elbow grease deployed?
 Because we are letting this dining room set go;
replacing it with a new-to-us light oak set we are going to pick up today.
There was so much hidden in these two pieces-
glass wares, tea cups, linens and such.
The new single piece, a hutch, will display most of the items from the china cabinet
but the bottom unit is smaller and so I will have to weed out even more!
A project for another day!


  1. That reminds me of the dining set my grandmother had. It was so much fun as a child to go digging through all the compartments and cabinets. It all was so thick with polish that I used to like to scrape it off with my fingernail which made my grandmother crazy.

  2. It can be fun to re-discover items that have been tucked away for so long. I need to deep clean my buffet.

  3. I have that same little chicken candy dish!! Mine is even the same color!

    Have fun with your new dining set. Isn't it amazing how one thing leads to another and another and another.

  4. What a beautiful dining set! I know you’ve enjoyed having it because you so lovingly spiffed it up before sending it to it’s new home. I have the same chicken in creamy white

  5. That is a beautiful dining set. By having to take everything out it gives you a chance to see all of your treasures again.

  6. What a gorgeous set!!! I can't imagine letting it go, but I am sure you have a perfect replacement. And so glad you got to see those sweet faces for a bit, I am sure the memories will never leave you.

  7. It always feels so good to purge... hard work, but satisfying!


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