Tuesday, June 23, 2020


 Today we enjoyed a lunch at our favorite 'deck' at Corky Bells on the St Johns River!
 There was still a lot of sanitizer and disinfectants but we at a meal out and it was wonderful!
Warm and not humid--what a treat!
Bill turned 69 today.
We laughed and laughed at the thought of being in our 60's; 
 sorry but it is a wonder to us.
 The little gator has grown since were here months and months ago! 
 I began quilting the vintage paint brush churn dash quilt on the frame--splashes of paint!
A design by Beany Girl Quilts called Drip!  Perfection!
And the socks did get finished though
 they need wet blocking to get rid of the side 'seams' 
where the magic needle leaves a line.  
Wool is much more forgiving than cotton 
because it has more bounce but these will wet block perfectly!  
Very comfortable and a fun knit! 
Thank you, Jessica!!
 (SilverSpun cotton/silver/lycra)


  1. Happy Birthday to Bill! Love the picture of the two of you. So nice you could go out and eat out!!

  2. Nice pictures of you guys! (And that quilting pattern is really fun!)

  3. It's quite shocking for me to also be in my 60's-late 60's now, ouch. Your day out looks wonderful!

  4. Yay for birthdays, eating out, and finished socks. Boo for alligators!

  5. Yay for eating out and being in the *real* world - haha - feels weird right? So does the little alligator stay there or will be leave as he gets bigger?

  6. Happy birthday, Bill! I think the gator wants a bite of his dessert.

  7. Love the photo of you and Bill. I’m glad you had a nice day.

  8. How did we end up in our 60's? I swear I was 24 last week.
    Happy birthday to Bill. Eating out is a treat these days!

  9. How does that happen that we end up in our 60's? Usually I don't feel any older.
    Happy Birthday to Bill and I'm glad you were able to go out and celebrate a bit.
    That's an usual treat isn't it?

  10. Looks like a fantastic day! I can't believe I'm in my 40s... my parent's are in their 60s. How did that happen?

  11. belated happy birthday to Bill - and it's good to see that you're fit enough to be out and about again! and I would be interested to hear how it feels to wear those "silver" socks! any different?

  12. Happy Birthday to your husband, glad you got out to celebrate.


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