Tuesday, June 30, 2020

What You Hafta Do

 Our credit card was compromised when I went to a local store on Sat morning,
their card reader wasn't working properly and I had to swipe the card instead of using the chip.
By the time I was home ten minutes later, I had purchased electronics in California!
The fraud dept caught it and cancelled our card. 
 So yesterday morning, we had to take a trip to St A to get new cards!  
While there, we did some other errands.
I accomplished a lot of knitting during the ride!  
This sock yarn is great and I would recommend it!
 We stopped at our other favorite outdoor dining restaurant, The South Beach Grill, 
and had a very warm but delightful lunch! 
 It is a sweltering 97 out for most of the day and at 7pm it was still 96!
We don't cool off much even during the night but it was 77 when I woke up this morning-cool out!
For example, this is our sunrise.
The haze is what the Saharan Desert is bringing us.
Even though it is sunny out, there is a funny color to the day.
 I did find some of the paints I want for the next patriotic bowling ball project!
 And over the weekend, I did a bit of this-the groundwork for my next painting!
I've been watching YouTube videos on sketching and watercolor.
That was what I originally wanted to do when I started this art adventure 3 years ago!
I hope to have something for you tomorrow!


  1. That is awful about your card. I worry from all the online shopping I've been doing at smaller online stores. Your painting is lovely. I need to get back down in the art room myself. My adventures lately only consist of watching the videos. I get all inspired then run out of gas before I get down there.

  2. Sorry about your CC. Glad the company caught it! Still, frustrating to deal with it. The sock is really pretty!

  3. CC companies are doing a much better job of spotting fraud. Kudos to your company for issuing a new card so quickly. I love the sock - thanks for the thumbs up on the yarn.

  4. I look forward to seeing your arty adventures

  5. Sorry to hear about the card being compromised, but it looks like you made the most of having to head off to St. Aug.

  6. That happens to us at least once a year, usually we are buying items at a Home Depot in Tallahassee, lots of items at Wa Wa and athletic shoes. It is a big pain in the butt. Good luck on the painting, it really is hot as blazes out.


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