Friday, June 5, 2020


I filled it! 
Well, all of the things I wanted to go in fit just fine
and there is even one drawer that is empty!
I love the way the room just glows now with the lighter colored wood.
Bill and I polished with wax, all of the furniture
and all of the chairs.
How exciting to have the dining room furniture in oak now!
It was a lot of work and it was good to take a seat and do some knitting!
I turned the heel and am heading up the leg.
I have a bit of baking to do because I have youngest son and family coming to stay for the weekend!  Yippee!


  1. You've been keeping yourself pretty busy with visitors! :-)

    The new china cabinet is beautiful. I love the shine of all the cut glass.

  2. I think your new furniture is just beautiful and I'm glad everything fits well.
    I turned the heel on my sock today and I'm heading down the foot now. Just the opposite of you!!!!
    Enjoy your weekend fun.

  3. How lovely!!! I sure wish I could put my dining room back together. I can't find a darn thing. It's really getting annoying.

  4. Lovely set! And wow, another family visit, you will be full to bursting with memories.


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