Thursday, June 4, 2020

Day Trip

 Here is part of the new dining set-we ran out of day to set the rest up!
 The man we bought it from, owns a pizza shop so, of course, we stopped by to check it out!
He had told us a bit about the building-he did this whole wall with stained glass,
 the next section of the building was all mosaic ....and on it went!
It was threatening rain so unfortunately we couldn't do a proper exploration!
The floor was all coins-covered in resin to keep them in place.
 And each of the tables on the inside were covered with mementos also secured under resin!
See the old doilies and pot holders?!
Amazing glimpses all -we really rubber necked on the way in to the take-out window!
And when I got home (hours later because we had a bit of an argument with the Garmin and went the wrong way!)  this package of yarn was in the mail!
Lion Brand Wool Ease worsted hand dyed yarn!
I can't wait to turn it into some hats!


  1. Lovely furniture, such a neat restaurant, and beautiful yarn!

  2. That is the coolest place! I have one of those flower potholders from when I was little. I think I picked it up at a church bazaar with my grandmother. I've had it all these years. I thought it was the prettiest thing I ever saw.
    Love that yarn. Lion Brand is getting very posh these days. I'm impressed.

  3. What a cool building. And I love the doilies and pot holders. So neat! Was the pizza as good as the building is beautiful? Beautiful yarn too.

  4. Love your new set!!! And oh my, where is that restaurant? Maybe I need to take a side trip on our next trip to Daytona.

  5. I’d love to have just one of those stained glass panels,

  6. Those stained glass panels are beautiful!!!

    I have a friend that owns a coffee shop in Daytona and her counter is pennies covered with resin.

  7. The furniture is a beautiful color. I also think I could spend a lot of time inspecting that restaurant with all the interesting elements.
    New yarn is always a welcome gift too.

  8. What a neat place!
    I love stained glass. If I ever get to build my dream house, it will have lots of stained glass.

  9. I love to go to places like this pizza place. So full of creativity. Nice yarn! It will look great as hats.

  10. Beautiful yarns !!! Their brand seems to have come a long way!

  11. Your new furniture is gorgeous! Enjoy.


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