Friday, June 19, 2020

Busy Outside and Inside!

 My breakfast entertainment...
Lena decided to burrow under the table runner -
 and popped out the end and hung out for a few minutes!
 After breakfast, Bill helped me with my annual project-a bamboo trellis for the Muscadine grapevines.  Nyki helped a lot with the supervision.  She also hung out under the golf cart where it was cooler!
 We tied the sides with jute to hold the poles in place 
and provide something for the vines to grab hold of.
 When we came in, I loaded up a quilt on the frame 
and have it ready to go but the design eluded me.
 So I turned to piecing and sewed the borders in place-
another top ready for the frame work to begin!
 And then I caught up with the Mystery QAL which is a good thing 
because today another clue will be posted!
And last night I finished one of the therapeutic socks, knit with SilverSpun cotton/silver yarn that is great for feet with neuralgia--a gift from a caring friend!  On to sock two!


  1. I really miss my grapevine. Making jelly in the fall was always a family tradition when the kids were young.

  2. You are so busy with so many different projects - what fun!! Love the pics of Lena - she is a cutie.

  3. Lena is adorable and so is the table runner. I remember how injured she was when you found her. It's wonderful to see her so happy and doing well.

  4. Glad that you had help with the trellis- definitely a two-person job! The mystery looks fun.

  5. What a productive day you had! Everything looks so pretty. Love the quilt on the long arm.

  6. If that isn't the cutest breakfast partner! And man, you are getting some stuff done! I need to catch up with stuff piling up here.

  7. I've never heard of a sock yarn that is good for neuralgia! That's wonderful

  8. Lena is a cutie :) :) I love the colors of your scrappy blocks! xx

  9. You have been so busy! You must be feeling better which makes me very happy. Stay safe.


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