Thursday, June 11, 2020


 Bill surprised me with the discovery of a box of treasures from my NY home which I used to keep in my grandmother's china cabinet.  
(It now houses weaving cones and shuttles).
This box has been missing the full 13 years we have lived here. 
 Bill found it on the bottom of a pile of boxes in his shed.  
I am just so excited to know it didn't go to the dump as I feared!
 This is an early 19th century black walnut basket.
It was a gift from Bill so many years ago. 
 These are lead crystal dishes gifted to me from my MIL after a trip to Poland.
 This china piggy bank I purchased from the Redwood Gift Shop at Blue Mt. Lake in the Adirondacks 50 years ago!  I can't believe he made the move and the misplacing so well!
 Silver plate, carnival glass, old dishes....all collected by me through the ages!
 A cup from my MIL when I was newly married.
 I bought this heart bottle when a teenager.
It's interesting to me to see that the things that drew me so many years ago,
still are things I would purchase today-
old dishes, bottles and knick-knacks!
My joy is only tempered by the fact I have to find room for everything in the house now.....


  1. Re-discovering things can be so fun - kind of like Christmas.

  2. That is so cool!!! I have a collection that looks just like that from a box I found up in the attic after we cleaned it out from a mouse infestation a few years ago. I had to buy come cabinets to store it all and from moving it around so many times during the remodel I am almost sorry I found it. It was nice to go down memory lane with it all though. Such fond memories of folks long gone. Now I wonder what will happen to it when I move on to the other side. I know my kids won't care about any of it. I've even thought about wrapping it up and sitting it outside one of our local antique shops like an abandoned baby. lol....

  3. Neat little box of treasures

    I just found a box of CDs I'd lost from our last move (seven years ago). Dave shoved it in the bottom of the linen closet and piled stuff on top! No wonder I couldn't find it!

  4. Lovely treasures! Keep what you truly love and find a special place to display them.

  5. I'm so glad that you found your treasures after so long. I have precious dishes that were my Grandma's that it would break my heart to lose. Thank you for taking us with you on your trip down memory lane.

  6. What a wonderful discovery! Such a beautiful box of treasures and some really unique pieces. What fun to merge them into your home.

  7. The intricacy of that black walnut bowl is amazing.

  8. Your black walnut treasure is so unique. Fireman and I had a big big black walnut tree in our yard in Illinois. What a mess of a tree. However, seeing the walnuts transformed into a basket ? That is a beautiful honor to the tree . WOW

  9. So glad this MIA box has been found!

  10. Such wonderful treasures, so happy the box was found. What a wonderful surprise!


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