Sunday, August 22, 2021


A new bowl is at work--this is from the old grapefruit tree, so it is a special piece of wood.  I am making a square bowl from this one.  I have my box of finishing equipment ready to use.  The bowl will be turned now and the front hollowed out. 
 It will be done soon since it is small.  
My neighbor called to say, if I wanted, I could go and pick some Muscadine grapes!  Yes!  Even though Bill put a fence around my plant-something got in  and ate them all!  Millie's vines are close to her house so maybe that keeps them safe.  But I have a ton of them to make into jellie!  I can't wait!
These were also ready-Sand Pears-they are hard even when ripe, you can't eat the skin but I found that when I peel the skin, and cook down the fruit, it makes delicious pear sauce.  We eat it like applesauce.  Yum.
 And then I completed the Jar Collection quilt top--all stitched and pressed!  I  have started a second one, too!   


  1. David will be very excited to hear that you are making a new batch of muscadine jelly! 🙂

  2. I miss the grape vine I had at my old house. I made jelly every year and it was the best.
    I do love that jar top!

  3. When I was little the next door neighbors had a grape vine and we used to climb the fence and pick loads of grapes and sit on the grass eating them, not sure they were happy about that or not! Enjoy. Can't wait to see your new bowl, grapefruit tree wood sounds fascinating.

  4. You did have a busy day. Love the quilt and the bowl will be amazing, I'm just sure of it. I've never made pear sauce or grape jelly. I stopped at two Farmer's Markets after church today to get green beans to freeze but I guess I'm too late. There were none available.

  5. I bet those pears would make good jelly too! YUM!


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