Tuesday, August 3, 2021


I did get to finish the Florida Souvenir quilt yesterday!  And washed and dried it so that it is deliciously soft and comforting!  
I also put the last stitch on the latest pair of socks-I will cast on sock #2 today and get to work because I want the leftover yarn from this to knit another Barbie dress! lol  I hesitate to knit the dress until I have finished the sock-I know that some would weigh the sock and know how much to set aside but I don't think I have faith to try that!  I will have to be patient.  I noticed when I loaded these pics that the two projects are in the same color palette--if you look closely at the sock, you will see that it has little 'pops' of color that match the quilt blocks!  Pleasing colors, aren't they?!
Today is my baby sister's birthday--I was almost 13 when she joined the family so she was my very own living baby doll;  oh, how much I loved her and could hardly wait to be out of school to get back to her!  My sister still lives in NY but I feel like she is still this close to me...


  1. The quilt is gorgeous!! And I like the way the sock matches it. Cute picture of ou and your little sister.

  2. Awwww...such a sweet photo of you and your sister.

    Love the quilt. Is it for you or is it going to be gifted?

  3. I LOVE that Florida quilt. You really nailed the spirit of the state.
    I have two baby sisters but we are so close in age that I don't remember them as babies. I do remember us fighting all the time. My poor dad was the only guy in a house full of squabbling girls. Even our dogs were female...lol.

  4. Happy Birthday to your sister! I noticed the similar colors in the quilt and sock immediately - great job on both.

  5. I noticed the color similarities right away. Nice quilt. Happy birthday to your sister.

  6. The quilt is fabulous! Happy Birthday to your sister!

  7. I was going to say that your socks match your quilt! Lol.


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