Wednesday, August 11, 2021


The latest watercolor is completed;  
I thoroughly enjoyed this one. 
 Don't you want to open the gate 
and walk to the shade tree for a picnic? 
 I will wait for you there...
I am also at a waiting place with this Hickory bowl;  it has cracks,
and no matter how deep I go into the bowl,
 the crack still goes deeper yet.  
I wonder if I should still keep on no matter what or quit now. 
 I had to go out and look at it without a decision made all day.
I did finish the second Barbie dress--aren't they sweet?!  
I will be sending these out to my two grandnieces 
who have discovered the joys of Barbie dolls.


  1. Those dresses are just darling. I'm sure the girls will love them. Sorry about the bowl - I would abandon it at this point. What are we having for the picnic?

  2. Oh - I love those barbie dresses! Makes me want to dig out my dolls!

  3. Sweet Barbie dresses! I remember knitting clothes for my doll: I’m surprised now because I was a beginning knitter and the small needles didn’t seem to bother me.

  4. I just love how many different crafty things you do! And all beautiful! xx

  5. Wonderful projects you've been altering, creating! I would say proceed with the bowl, because you will always wonder what if if you don't?

  6. When I play catch-up on posts, I don’t usually leave comments on every one, but I had to stop and say how gorgeous that painting is!

  7. Well done on the dress modifications and the new Barbie dresses. You have been very busy as usual!


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