Wednesday, August 18, 2021


I cut out a bunch of pieces to make these 'jars' from fabric I have had in a box for four years!  
They go together very quickly 
and it is fun to pick which fabric I want to do next!
 I have this many done already! 
 I've been going through the stash to find other things that you can collect in a jar--and even some that are unusual finds! 
 I did resist putting dogs or cats in the jar, though. 
 It just didn't sit right with me at that! lol  
Depending on how I put the blocks together, 
I will need 12 blocks at least.  


  1. That's very clever! Your spider is perfectly placed. I can see what you mean about cats and dogs in a jar ... long strips to represent drinking straws? Or little ovals to look like sweets? Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.

  2. That looks like it is so much fun! They really are adorable.

  3. I like it!! What a fun one this will be - sorta an I spy!

  4. Fun blocks and perfect for a child’s quilt!

  5. That is great! I've seen the jar quilts with foods of course, but the creatures in a jar are just brilliant!


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