Friday, March 8, 2024


It was a perfect day yesterday--cleaning, unpacking, puttering in the flower garden all while the sun shone and the humidity was completely absent!  A new project is ready to cast on;  the lace weight yarn and the strand of yarn from the 'shawl in a ball'  are to be used doubled for this sweater
 (I will make it short sleeved, though) 
so I am thinking , it might be easier if I wind them into a cake together first.  
You know how much I love the moss stitch lately for dishcloths (and more) I saw this C2C pattern using moss stitch and had to try it! 
 I used scraps and it wasn't hard at all!  
I'm also trying it in a solid color.  
The YouTube tutorial uses this construction for a scarf but I found it worked just fine for a square!  I do like a success story!


  1. Sounds like a good day!

  2. Fun! I am hoping to start another dishcloth today. I held my new yarn and my crochet hook in my hands last night but couldn’t work up the oomph to do anything with them! lol -Marsel

  3. A new project AND good weather? You hit the jackpot.

  4. So glad that things are looking up for you. Don't try to do too much though. Love that C2C dishcloth. Very pretty. I'm glad you have good weather. We woke up to snow, about 1 inch of it on the grass and it snowed all morning. It's gone now but still cold. Sunday is supposed to be 70F! Is it any wonder that everyone is sick?
    We've been gone since 7:45 with appointments for Mom. Just got home about 3:00 and I'm exhausted. I'm getting old.
    Blessings and hugs,

  5. Sounds like a wonderful and maybe even a little restful day?


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