Saturday, July 25, 2020


 Bet this looks familiar yet is is 12" tall--a bloom on an Elephant Ear plant or a Taro plant.
 In the same family as Caladium but on steroids!
This plant is 8' tall!  We've never seen them flower so this was a treat!
 This pretty little growing vine is blooming-looks like a squash or cuke, right?
 It is a Loofa plant-it loves to climb and the dead trees out back 
make a perfect place to make a totem pole!
 Another plant that is very tall, and large-almost 18" on this plant is wild Millet seed.
Anyone have a parakeet-they love this treat!
It is a very pretty wetland plant and we have a few of them with seed heads right now-
don't worry, the birds will eat them as soon as they ripen!


  1. You have a "garden center shop" growing right on your property. I didn't know Elephant Ears bloomed. That must be spectacular to see in real life.

  2. I'm with Dee. I had no idea that Elephant Ears bloomed either. Your garden is beautiful with such unusual plants.

  3. I didn't know that Elephant Ears were Taro plants. What cool blooms. I have a friend who grows them here in Wisconsin. They have to dig them up every fall and bring them inside. Then their living room is like a rain forest. The plants are so large now that they bought horse troughs to hold them in the winter!


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