Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Sock Progress

As usual, after a busy time with the kids,
I spent the day resting but one sock pleasantly finished-
and the other well on its way!

I had forgotten the difference in this yarn ,which is Hawthorne
from KnitPicks;  it feels more like cotton than wool.
It dyes beautifully giving much depth of color within the strand.
I'm ready to begin the gusset here-and after the heel, 
the sock will soar because I can't wait to begin
the new yarn in a pair of socks!


  1. Such a pretty shade. What pattern are you knitting?

  2. I hated Hawthorne when I first used it but it does make a nice sturdy sock. Those reels I've been using are Hawthorne but I swear they don't feel the same.

  3. So, is there are subtle shade of purple in that blue? So pretty.

  4. Are those going to be for Bill?

  5. I love the sock(s) and that lovely color.

  6. I've never tried the hawthorne before. I usually only buy Felici for the stripes. I still have so much yarn leftover from our dyeing days - I'm not sure I'll ever knit through it all!
    The colours in that yarn are lovely though!

  7. Nice socks! And toe-up no less. I don't enjoy that method because the casting on drives me nuts.

  8. Your socks look great. I like the Hawthorne yarn too and use it often.


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