Monday, July 13, 2020


 The dress baby needed was designed and agreed that maybe a nightgown would be a better choice.
 Aren't these little feet adorable?!  
Ella could do most of the sewing on this project-I only had to tackle the sleeves.
 We had an amazing sight late in the afternoon yesterday;
we heard and then saw a bird of prey swoop down
 and grab a morning dove from the bird feeder area and  fly right into the live oak tree!!
 We traipsed around for a better view and couldn't believe our eyes!
He was the size of a small bald eagle but no white head-it had to be a young one!
A quick check in the bird book proved we were right--who knew they didn't get their iconic white head until they are in their fourth year!  
He stayed until he had eaten all of his dinner and then flew off!
What an incredible memory made!
With the little bit of energy I have at the end of our days, 
I knit on the sock--it is coming along!


  1. Those little feet! How cute are they?
    Birds of Prey scare me to death here. I know at 16 pounds Pup is not really a worry anymore but I was always afraid they would snatch up my other little dogs and make a meal of them. They are so beautiful but when I hear their call I get goosebumps.

  2. Yikes!!! Poor little morning dove. I imagine that was really quite a sight!

  3. The baby doll is adorable - so realistic. Ella is doing a wonderful job on the baby’s clothing. Love the subtle striping of the sock yarn.

  4. How cool to have an eagle in your yard. Hopefully, it will stay through the years and you'll get to see it mature.

  5. Wow - their fourth year? I had no idea!

  6. How pretty is that sweet little nightgown AND those feet? Ella did a wonderful job. The eagles are all around us here at the lake but I didn't know about the 4 year wait for a bald head. I saw a full-grown one catch a fish this morning and fly back to the nest. It's such a majestic sight but I always feel bad for the animal they caught although I know it's the cycle of life.
    The colors on that sock are beautiful.

  7. You've been really busy! How fun to see a baby eagle in your very own yard! Love the blue socks and the baby outfit.

  8. So exciting to see that eagle, that is an amazing experience. Stay safe.


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