Saturday, July 11, 2020

Savor it on Saturday

 On the piecing front, I managed to make the rest of the outside rows I needed for the last 7 blocks.
I hope to get them sewn on in stolen moments throughout today.
Yesterday, I cut out enough face mask pieces from youngest son's work t-shirt
 to make him 6 work masks since it is now mandatory to wear them in his county,
 he will need more than the few he has been using.
I will line these with interfacing and use elastic to go behind the ears.
 After our swim yesterday, the kids found surprise packages from Dad and Mom in the mail.
Nothing like a bit of love via Amazon! 
 I wanted to show you round two of bloom from the African Violet.
I didn't think over-watering could happen with the pot-in-a-pot they sell for this kind of flower,
but I have proven it IS possible.  At least the yellowing leaves tell the truth!
And here is something I will love to share with you--
today is my parents' 67th wedding anniversary!
They were such kids--they are on the way to their honeymoon at Niagara Falls, NY.
I couldn't have asked for a better home or better parents!


  1. 67! Wow....they were married when I was born! Lol...
    We lost mom the year they would have celebrated their 50th and that really upset dad. That generation married young but knew how to stick together through thick and thin.

  2. They were married before I was born! My parents hit their 60th a few months before my dad passed. But since my dad's dementia was so terrible, they really only had 50 good years together.

    The grands are darling!

  3. Wow! 67 years! I hope they have a wonderful day full of celebration.

  4. Your pot looks exactly like the one that I made in the 8th grade. Sixty-seven years! That's a long time. Congratulations to them!
    Take care and enjoy your grandkids.

  5. My parents made it to 67 years which I think is amazing. Congrats to your wonderful parents. Glad you have time with those darling children, stay safe.

  6. Happy Anniversary to your parents. How I wish my County would issue a mandatory mask order. The university students will be arriving soon, and I know COVID cases will rise even more. The university has issued a mask order for anyone on campus or in the buildings.

  7. My parents, and All their friends and family honeymooned at Niagra Falls!!! My girlfriend , growing up, her parents went to Cuba. That just sounded so cool to me. Now, I see it all differently. How wonderful that so many young marrieds wanted to go to Niagara Falls.


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