Wednesday, July 8, 2020

A Win, a Win, a Lose!

 The Charm Stars quilt is completed-bound, washed , dried and in the donation pile!
40 x 52"
 I died a sock blank that I have had for a long time-I knit this on the knitting machine (LK150)
double strand so that the two socks could match. 
 I unraveled it and have two cakes ready for me to cast on!
And then there is this.
Completely my fault-I put it in the washer to spin out-a ph call came 
and I wandered away which meant that the nice skein (even with ties) 
went through the rinse and another spin and it is a MESS!
Bill said throw it away....I might 
but first I will try to untangle it
-there has to be some way to get some order since it is still tied in two places.  
I should know better.  
I might just hang it for wall art!


  1. The two finishes are absolutely beautiful but that skein of yarn. I'm with Bill. I don't think I could face untangling that hot mess! :-)

  2. Oh dear. I would definitely throw it away!! Love your finishes.

  3. Oh no! I think it would take a tremendous amount of time to untangle the yarn. It would be a test of patience, but I’ve been told, “patience is a virtue.”

  4. Oh my word ............a yarn monster. It could be fun like a puzzle though. Just do a bit at a time. The color is too pretty to toss in the garbage.

  5. Oh no - I would have cried when I took that out of the washer! I wish you much luck in untangling.

  6. Oh, dear. That is a mess. I do like a good tangle but that would have be concerned.
    The quilt is lovely though and dyeing sock blanks is so much fun. I used to knit my own too and dye them. They always knit up so differently from what you think which is so cool.

  7. Lovely quilt, pretty colors, OH NO!!! Fingers crossed you can fix it.

  8. Oh that is a painful mistake! Very sorry it happened. Such pretty yarn. I get caught up doing more than one thing too, and usually it means burnt cookies

  9. Oh lets just focus on the cool finishes, hit the restart button on the yarn and maybe - poof it will untangle itself?


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