Tuesday, July 7, 2020

ART-Just Do It!

 I started with an idea of replicating a photo a friend took of an abandoned and decrepit
stone house in a state park in Oregon.  I was going to do a water color but decided I liked
the idea of a line and wash instead. (permanent ink pen and watercolor wash)
 I began the watercolor.  I find watercolor so much more difficult than acrylics!  
You have to think so much because there is no hiding an error!
I tried a bit more shading than I usually use with watercolor and I liked the results.
The ink shading gave life to the pale colors.  
The photo was taken in the winter and the landscape was as desolate as the house.
The moss was alive and well which makes a nice contrast.
 Framed and finished!
I'm pleased with what I learned with this artwork.
And I dug out my little sketchbook and decided I need to stop with all of the YouTube watching
and do some more of my own sketching.
This is a landscape from of all things, WordScapes, which I play on my Kindle!
Pen and colored pencils.
I'm going to try to do one a day.
Exercise is good for the brain!


  1. That turned out really nice!!

  2. Wow....I am in awe!

  3. Both drawings are wonderful. I’ve heard many artists say that watercolor is more difficult than other mediums.

  4. I so envy your drawing abilities. I suck at it, can't do perspective or scale!

  5. Such talent! I imagine that this kind of art is very relaxing. The watercolor with the stone building is beautiful.

  6. I think your work is beautiful. Glad you are having fun.

  7. I will have to ask my sister if she does line and wash type art. She usually does watercolor and is a bit unmotivated and doesn't know why. Perhaps your post will help her! I loved your framed stones!

  8. I can't draw stick figures to save my life and look at you! It's true. God does bless each of us with our own talents and I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful drawings today. Amazing!


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