Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Weeding and Flowers

 Before I forgot, this is the old calendar that I am drawing/painting from for the recent artwork.
 This is the original illustrator. 
 I would've enjoyed talking to him, I think.
I wonder if he was good at gardening? 

 Did he weed his own gardens-sweat hard to keep it
looking as good as his artwork.  I wonder....
 Here is a glimpse of the flower for March;  painting will happen  today.
No weeding for me today-I am still sore from yesterday's labors!
 I've also been doing some spinning every morning on the linen.
  This bobbin now holds 4 ounces so I'm ready to begin the second bobbin.
 But I am being tempted by this fiber!
It has the interesting content of wool, linen and silk--
the fibers that have clothed the world for millennium!
But my own drive to finish one thing first is going to win out!
I only have four more ounces to go-I will do this!


  1. Hey, I remember that calendar! Gorgeous flowers...

  2. Pretty - all of it! Your new fiber is very colorful too.

  3. Lovely fiber!!! I can't wait to see what that linen becomes. I've been collecting the cotton I've been spinning from time to time and have no idea what to do with it. It's not very sturdy.

  4. Beautiful blooms and fiber! Henry George Moon would approve of your sketches.

  5. Just gorgeous artwork, yours and his! And oh, that last shot of fiber looks like you are spinning Rapunzel's hair!!

  6. I think your sketches and painting are so pretty and delicate. That new fiber looks luscious. I love the colors and I look forward to seeing how they blend on the whelel.


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