Friday, July 31, 2020

Market Bag!

The bag itself went well-pretty straight forward for a crochet project.  
I didn't use the yarn I just spun but rather some hemp I had in the stash.
I used a free pattern from Bernat, Handicrafter Cotton #228 Market Bag 
and just increased the base a bit for a larger bag.
The only problem I ran into was running out of yarn for the handles!
Today I will wind up some of the new yarn and crochet the handles!
I will position them differently than the pattern-I will finish it soon, I'm sure!
The mesh was very easy to execute;
it is going to be a very sturdy bag!


  1. What a great bag!!! It will come in very handy at the Farmer's Market. All of ours were cancelled this year. I sure miss them.

  2. I like it! You’ll be finished and shopping in no time.

  3. Looks great - as Deb says, a perfect Farmers Market bag!

  4. That is a very pretty bag. It's perfect for a farmers market.

  5. That bag looks fantastic! I bet the linen will wear well too!

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