Friday, July 17, 2020

Sock Off and Sock On!

These are a pair now!
I used Hawthorne Bare yarn from KnitPicks
and dyed from a sock blank I knit on the knitting machine double stranded.
The socks match perfectly this way.
And I have immediately cast on the tangled skein yarn
which I had hoped would be traditional Christmas
colored but this faded Victorian version has its own charm!


  1. Nice! What pretty blues. I tried to order some Hawthorne Bare a month or so ago and it was all sold out. I used to hate it but now I am a big fan after seeing how well it wears. It does make a nice sturdy sock and now after seeing your socks it must also take color well.

  2. I do like the faded Victorian look!

  3. At first I thought the sock black picture was a picture of the sky! Very pretty.

  4. I think the tangled skein is really pretty. I'm glad you took the time to wind it all up.

  5. I’ve never knit with Hawthorne, but seeing your results and reading Deb’s comment about how it wears, I think I need to try it. Love the Fall-vibe of the tangled skein.

  6. Love a great wearing sock yarn, like Nancy and Deb!

  7. Good job on the blue socks! Is that another pair you've started with the formerly tangled yarn? What pattern are you using?

  8. THose are some gorgeous socks. I like Hawthorne too. I would like to knit another pair with it.


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