Sunday, July 26, 2020

Sketching for Sunday

Another calendar line and wash is finished.
This one is a Tobacco Flower which was a new one to me!
Soon you will be seeing a slightly different kind of ink drawing!
What a fun niche this artist has carved for herself!
She's great to watch on YouTube, too!
Check her out on her fun Inky Art School!
I'm having a great time!


  1. I'll have to check out that video. That book looks wonderful. Inktober is right around the corner and it's the one festival that can still be held since it's all online. I can't wait.

  2. Your artwork is just stunning. As are all of your beautiful flowers. Stay safe. and enjoy your Sunday.

  3. Your picture is beautiful!!!

  4. Your flowers are beautiful. Flowers are harder to draw than they look -- something I know very well!

  5. Those flowers are gorgeous.

  6. Very pretty! I think I know that tobacco flower and I believe they are pretty fragrant too (in a nice way).

  7. Vera is correct, tobacco flower (or nicotina) smell pretty nice. The leaves smell amazing when drying (as unsmoked tobacco does!)
    There used to be a very large tobacco industry in southern Ontario, but it's almost all gone now. Probably not a bad thing, health-wise, but it hurt the economy pretty bad.

    You drawing is lovely though!

  8. So talented!! I will watch her video, but I know I can't even come close to drawing anything recognizable! LOL


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