Thursday, July 30, 2020

Used Up!

I am all used up-when I over-schedule myself this happens!
An appointment on Monday
 and  I left early so I could buy the flowers for the new pot, 
Tuesday I had company and yesterday to the doctors and I then met Bill for lunch.
All simple things but three days in a row put me down!
I did finish sock #1 for Bill (size 15 sock!) in the yarn that is Mohair-ish.
I can't help but laugh because when 7 yo Ella stayed with us recently, 
she exclaimed that Grandpa had hobbit feet!
I've managed to start the new, pretty blend of plant and wool fibers;  
well, silk isn't really a plant fiber , is it?! 
I know that it is a protein fiber for dyeing so it must be considered animal fiber?!
(Plants are considered bast fibers)
 This is wool, silk and linen blended-a fun spin at any rate and nice in my hands
 I am enjoying the color after the neutral of the linen I just finished.
And I've done some pint-sized artwork which has been the most satisfying.
I love sketching and then inking over it-very meditative.
This is for my sister, her birthday card;
 it is from a recent photo she took on her vacation!
It is more vibrant than it shows here-the sunset was very orange!

Today has nothing on the schedule so I should be able to catch up with myself!


  1. For dyeing purposes, I know silk is classed as an animal fibre. Technically, it does come from an animal, even though it's not hair/fur, but ...well kinda worm vomit!

  2. Hobbit feet - I love it AND the sock! I hope you can recharge fully today.

  3. I'm the same way anymore. Any out of the ordinary activity wears me out. I'm in terrible shape but as long as it's this hot there is nothing I am going to do about it.
    Your sketch is lovely!! I don't know if it's my eyesight or my hands but I sure can't draw a thing anymore.

  4. Size 15 would definitely be considered Hobbit feet. Our middle son has size 13 and I thought those socks were bad! That card is stunning. I hope you get a chance to rest today.

  5. Down time is sometimes very important.


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