Tuesday, July 14, 2020


 I've worked on this little 5 x 7" line and wash of the kids' home while they were here;
they liked seeing their house come to life! 
 I was relieved that they recognized it right away!
This is a gift for their Mom.
 This is how that skein has looked since last Thursday.
When the kids went home with Dad last night, I sat the winder in front of my recliner 
and began some serious unwinding!  
And it worked!
I rewound the ball into a cake-a lovely cake just the way I expected to happen! lol
(The only odd part of the whole experiment--I had dyed this dark red and green but it is now
rust and teal! 
 Not a bad thing but different than the Christmas skein I had planned for a pair of socks!)
Try , try, again!


  1. I bow down to the Master of Yarn Detangling! Well done

  2. Wow! You are the epitome of patience. Way to go my friend. I like the colors and instead of Christmas you got autumn.
    I know the kids Mom is going to love the painting. You are amazing with your talents.

  3. A definite winning round for you! The painting is so pretty - she will love it.

  4. Well done on that yarn! Persistence pays off!

  5. The yarn will make lovely FALL socks.

    Your painting is very pretty. That must be the Fernandina kids.

  6. Yay!!! For conquering the tangled mess. I had to do the same today because of a naughty kitty
    Your painting is wonderful! I'd love to be able to paint houses. Once when I was dog sitting for Son I tried to sketch the house across the street out of boredom and it was fun but it turned out pretty badly. I even signed up for a Craftsy class on sketching buildings but it was more fun to watch someone else do it then do it myself...lol.

  7. Yay for the untangling!!! I like the colors, even if they aren't what you were going for. Love the baby doll clothes, you do have a budding seamstress.

  8. Good job untangling! And wow! You are so good at so many different crafts.


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