Thursday, July 2, 2020

Sewed Up!

No empty quilt frame until I'm through the pile I've pieced!
I'm stitching this one in white thread with a simple design.
I think it works in the simplicity of this pattern.
This Mystery QAL is finally completed. 
 I might move it up in the quilting queue just so I could get it completed!
I set my sight on the binding of the colorful quilt;
then immediately sent them through the washer and dryer!
Finished to about 40 x 48, these orphan 4 patches really sing when all set together-who knew?!
The quilting was simple but crinkled perfectly!
The vintage paintbrush fabric quilt is going to my son who is a paint salesman for Behr Paint Co
and he will appreciate the dynamics of this quilt!
Yup, this one was a joy from beginning to ending!


  1. I love to see your before and after washing photos. It gives me courage. I'm going to put my epic rings quilt in the wash today and I am scared to death.

  2. Lovely! So colorful and fun.

  3. You have gotten so much done! Beautiful quilts! Stay safe.

  4. ❤️ the crinkles! Sometimes I wish I had a Longarm machine.

  5. They are so beautiful! Colorful and happy looking.

  6. I love them all. The contrast before and after the washing is wonderful.

  7. So many beautiful quilts!! Love, love the colors in the QAL! xx

  8. Lovely quilts!! Hope you are feeling better today!

  9. What fun ideas you had for your quilts. Thanks for sharing!


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