Tuesday, July 28, 2020


 I thought I would put my recent botanical renderings to practical use and made a label for my skein of linen yarn--a flax bouquet on one side and the other holds the pertinent info like yardage, etc. 
 I keep all of my plant fiber skeins in this basket I bought a decade ago at a fiber show.
When I did put the skein in the basket, 
I was irritated to notice all of the little spider webs around the area. 
 I got out a dust cloth and began scooping them out from under the basket. 
 I terminated several little spiders.
 And then I had the brainstorm to look at the bottom of the basket!
  Yikes!  See all of the egg sacs?!
Needless to say, I swiped them away after a good spraying and then vacuumed the whole thing.
I'm glad to say I didn't find any little spiders on the inside of the basket but cleaned it anyway!
Then I found mama-she was small as far as spiders go but I wiped her out, too.
See my favorite spray? 
 I put it to good use in the whole area.
After all of the drama, I then dusted and polished the whole area 
(antique sewing machine and wooden sewing cabinet) 
which was a good thing to do since dusting and polishing is usually last on my chore list!


  1. This post is an interesting juxtaposition of “lovely” and “yuck”! :) That yarn label is very pretty.

  2. I knocked over my fiber basket yesterday when I was vacuuming and was very relieved to see that it was only dust in the bottom. I have a very bad habit of tossing wool bits in it and that is just asking for trouble especially this year when bugs are such a problem.
    Your skein cards are so pretty! That is a wonderful idea. Somehow I never remember to label mine and end up with way too much mystery fiber.

  3. Beautiful label. Yuck to the spider and egg cases. I had a HUGE spider in my kitchen sink this morning. I near fainted!!

  4. Awww - poor spiders! Dave's forever sucking up my house spiders in the vacuum (I vacuum around them).
    That reminds me, I noticed a pretty orb weaver on the patio light last nigh - I need to get a picture of her today.

  5. Love the label, hate the spiders!!!!

  6. I do NOT like spiders, any size, any kind!

  7. Glad you got them!!! YIKES!

    After the painters finished, I noticed an odd sparkly bit in the corner of the bookshelves. It looked like a crazy, shiny satellite with a billion wires sticking out. I wiped it away with a paper towel. They had painted over spider egg case. :::sigh::: Thank goodness I had some spare paint to do touch up.

  8. I love the label you made. It's both practical and beautiful too. It was a brilliant idea!!!
    I detest spiders and we seem to have a lot around this year. I would have freaked out if I saw those egg sacs.


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