Friday, July 24, 2020

Beauty and the Beast

These were a great knit--
hand dyed and tangled like mad in the rinse cycle by accident!
Turned out a lovely teal and rust color.
64 stitches on #1 needles
Toe up construction
gusset and heel 
k1,p1 leg

The k1,p1 ribbing up the leg really fits nicely
and looks smoother than the usual k2,p2 rib I work.
I will be using it again.
I turned my attentions back to Bill's sock
and found it goes very quickly on larger needles
and heavier yarn.
I hope to finish the first one today
and as usual will cast on the second one immediately!
This sock is worked on #5 needles
over 56 stitches.


  1. That is quite the accomplishment! From tangle to knit in no time at all. I am in awe.

  2. Love the teal and orange together. Very pretty. The K1P1 up the leg would drive me crazy though!!

  3. Great color combination. I’m with Vera, the K1 P1 rib would drive me crazy. Any ribbing slows me down, but I doubt a 1x1 would stretch enough for my leg.

  4. You are so good at working your socks in pairs, I failed at it so that must be why I don't do socks anymore! LOL. Love the flannel quilts, they will comfort and warm someone soon I am sure.

  5. And to think we thought you should give up on the tangles! Those turned out to beautiful socks. I like the K1P1 leg too. I'll have to do that sometime soon.

  6. ribbing always makes for a best fit i think.


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