Sunday, December 6, 2020

Mushrooms and Blooms

My mushroom garden grows!  Note to self, when you make a short mushroom, it will be hard to reach in the small space to sand and polish! lo
(these are probably shitake mushrooms)
That's okay, the next mushroom will be tall and thin!  
We took a ride tin the golf cart so I could comb the woods for fallen branches for new mushrooms and snowmen.  
I'm glad to say, there is plenty to play with-
I have a wonderful supply and will get to learn what wood is which color!
This little branch is Live Oak.
The pond area took a hard hit from the freeze this week-see the banana grove?  Sad brown instead of lush green. 
 Yes, it will recover but it is sad to see it blighted like this! 
 In the foreground, it is a rubber tree plant that also took a serious hit.  
But there is one plant that likes a few cold nights--Ruby Red Grapefruits!  We shared one today and I am very happy to report that they are delicious!  I will take a pic of the inside next time-
I ate it before I thought of sharing the gorgeous color! lol

I did decide what to do in the border for the Christmas Hunter Star quilt--holly and berries!  
The middle is still a big question mark....  
I did add another star block.  
I will leave you with some plants that flourish in the cold snaps that might happen in our winters--Camellias!  
This is much redder than it shows here 
but it is a double, double and is a very large full bloom!
This pink is very large but mostly flat not thick like the red ones!
And the whites are bloom perfections;  don't you agree!?
For those of you in the northern regions, 
I will try to keep you updated with color in my yard!


  1. That's one way to use up a pile of logs! Those mushrooms are as cute as can be.
    I just noticed by camellias are full of buds already. They were spectacular last year because of the mild winter. I'm not sure what this year holds for them but it still hasn't gotten that cold yet although we are expecting the 40's this week.

  2. Love those mushrooms of yours! This seems to have been a really good year for mushrooms around here. Recently on a walk we saw a tree whose trunk was covered with them! Loved seeing your flower photos as flowers here have been gone for a while. Thanks for visiting my blog as I have been a delinquent blogger this fall. Hugs from WA.

  3. My Mom would love to be able to grow grapefruit in her backyard!

  4. Lovely mushrooms, but oh my, those blooms!!

  5. Beautiful mushrooms. Love that little short one. :-) I can't imagine being able to grow grapefruit and bananas. Yum! I remember the first time I went to L.A. Driving down the road the gutters were full of oranges. Just laying there. I wanted to stop and pick some up and my uncle thought I was crazy. At home in Nebraska they were $3.89 a lb. and that was almost 40 years ago!
    Beautiful, beautiful blooms. Yes, those of us up here in the hinterlands will love seeing the color in your garden.


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