Saturday, December 26, 2020

Wood and Yarn!

Another finished bowl--this one is 6" wide and 3" high.
The grain is spectacular from every angle!
I have some shellac, polish and lemon oil rubbed in for some sheen.  I had mentioned that is was oak but I was wrong;  as soon as I started hollowing out the bowl, I could smell the camphor! 
 I was asked what I am doing with all of the bowls that I have made so far and the answer is I am stacking them on my knick knack shelf 
to be pretty for now! 
 I am learning how to perfect the process and so I will keep making them!  This is the first one that I can say I am proud of this one!  
No tool marks and the finish is smooth.
Here's to many more!
And I am knitting-one man hat done....
and another one has begun!


  1. That bowl is gorgeous!!! How much fun must it be to see that beauty emerge right before your eyes?

  2. I think all of your bowls look beautiful. They would make great yarn bowls to keep your projects in.

  3. Your woodworking certainly looks perfect to me!

  4. The grain on your bowl is truly lovely - you'll have to set that one on its edge on the shelf so the beauty of the interior is visible. You are so talented!

  5. I agree with Alexa. The insid of the bowl is gorgeous. What is that tool next to it?

  6. A lovely bowl, and a cookie press? LOL


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