Thursday, December 24, 2020

Calm Day

I started out the day yesterday, finishing the blue dyed mitts!  
I know Ms Christine will be thrilled with them
 because they are the bright blue of her eyes!
When I headed out to the wood shop,
 I began with a little cedar bowl and as you can see, it didn't go well!  
It is so dry that there wee no wood shavings,
 just a fine dust that was miserable to work in! 
 When this chip happened-I didn't hesitate to toss it into the burn bin 
and picked out a new piece of wood!  
My blood pressure didn't go up-
I just had a second of sadness for the bowl that wouldn't be! lol
I picked out a nice chunk of oak and it was a joy to work with
 and in no time, I had a beautiful outer shape.  
I sanded and polished it and will hollow it out today! 
 There is a fine line between dried enough to work with and too dry. 
 With cedar-you need to work with it much greener!  
For oak-there is not so much difference since it is a hard wood to begin with!

I hope you have a relaxing day today!


  1. Oh that poor cedar bowl. It sure did get chewed up.

    What are you doing with all your bowls? Knitting bowls? Eating bowls? Just for decoration bowls?

    Have a merry Christmas.

  2. So glad you got a lovely visit with grands, love the snowmen. Ah, the bowl that was not meant to be. Sigh. Lovely recovery though.

  3. Those mitts are adorable and I love that color. You did good! :-). That poor bowl but I'm glad it didn't get to you. The new one is looking good. Happy Christmas Eve my friend.

  4. Oh, my...I had no idea that could happen to the wood. The oak one is lovely. What a pretty color.

  5. Oak is by far my favorite wood: I have many oak pieces in my home.

  6. Your work is so beautiful. Merry Christmas.

  7. Oh dear poor cedar bowl! I didn’t know that could happen. The oak one is looking lovely though. What will you use it for ?
    Love the colour of your mitts, so vibrant.


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