Monday, December 21, 2020

Mitt'ed Up!

I made another pair of mitts for myself yesterday. 
 The day turned out slow and enjoyable 
which doesn't always happen this time of year!  
I  enjoyed church in the morning with the Kid's Christmas program
 which is such a joy.  Then we had a luncheon which means a nice long chance to talk and interact--so very good to savor.
Once I was home, I talked to all of my kids and even my parents.
I can't ask for anything more.... 
On the way to church, we went over the bridge
 that has been under construction for 2 years!
I think it was a metaphor for this year 
and now we are crossing over into a new phase.
It works for me!


  1. Exciting to have the bridge done!!

  2. I hope it is a new bridge to something GOOD!

  3. Those mittens look pretty! and Yay for such a great day!

  4. I love those mitts. They are so handy. You can tuck a pair in anywhere in case you need them.

  5. Your day sounds like it was nearly perfect. Great job on the mitts.

  6. Nice mitts. Your day sounds lovely and I sure hope your metaphor is right. I'm ready for a good new year.

  7. Lovely mitts - you are so quick! The bridge seems like a good sign ... We are so locked down here that meeting even one other person is hedged round with restrictions, so I envy you a little :).


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