Tuesday, December 1, 2020


I was concerned about all of those seams but this top went together in a very straight forward way, to my relief!
A perfect way to usher in December!
 I will be loading it on the frame to quilt today; 
 I'm thrilled.
I couldn't wait to get to the lathe-
after turning the block of wood into a cylinder, 
I gave myself a bit of a map for shaping.
My tools are all laid out like a doctor's because
it makes it so much easier to reach one as needed for turning the wood.
And in no time, I have a snowman!  
It was so much fun, 
So much so, that in no time there were three! 
 These are all finished except for the screw eye to go on top 
because I want them to be ornaments. 
 I will try some more;  
Bill wants me to try to use the wood burning tool  to make faces and buttons.  I will need to do some digging to uncover my wood burner tool first! 
There was one more idea I had to try out-
can you guess what it might be?!  
I will have it finished tomorrow!
And I will end with another little stocking for the tree! 
 I've enjoyed bringing the vintage pattern to life again!
(this post is too long--I will make another stocking
 and post the instructions tomorrow;  sorry!)



  1. The wintry look of your blog background/header etc is a fun update! The quilt is just so pretty. And the stuff coming off of the lathe is like magic!

  2. Cute snowmen! And a great Christmas quilt!

  3. Oh my goodness....those snowmen!!! How cute are they?
    Your quilt is lovely. Very festive.

  4. My guess is a tree for the adorable snowmen to gather around.

  5. I almost expect to see elves in your lathe area! Your shop is as busy as Santa’s. Love the snowmen.

  6. Oh my! Oh my! Oh my goodness! Those snowmen are the cats meow! They are darling. I agree with Nancy. You must have elves somewhere, you get so much done.
    I finished the socks last night. I just have the kitchener the toe this morning and then start a sweater. But first I need to wrap gifts to see what size boxes I'll need for mailing. I would like to mail them tomorrow if the weather cooperates.
    I'm sitting here drinking my first cup of Holiday Berry tea of the season. It's so good but I do need to get busy.

  7. How could I forget to comment on that absolutely beautiful quilt. it is so beautiful. I think it's my favorite so far. Oh, I know what distracted me. The snowmen! This was the best post ever. Snowmen and my favorite quilt. You, my dear, are so talented.

  8. OMG!!! Those snowmen are adorable!!! You just amaze me.

  9. Love the snowmen! And that quilt top is amazing!

  10. How amazing to see these lovely snowmen/people shapes emerging from your lathe - what a talent you have! And your quilt is lovely; I'm glad it was easier than you thought!


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