Friday, December 18, 2020

A Cold Snap

Another morning in the 30's isn't one of my favorite things!  
But I did have a good time yesterday when a friend and her daughter came over to play at making some stepping stones!  
We were set up in the garage but it was still very chilly out! 
 That northern wind snatched any warmth from the sunshine!
It took a few hours in front of the fire with some hot cocoa 
to  get the chill from my bones!
But I did finish the second pair of mittens! 
 Now I can send these off to Seattle to grand daughters there
 who are experiencing some colder cold than I am! 
(do you see how little yarn is left from the skein?
It was a close game of yarn chicken but I won this time!)


  1. That's a chilly day to work in the garage, but I like the stepping stone. Pretty mittens - I'm sure they will be appreciated.

  2. Pretty colors on the mittens; are those hand-dyed? Fun to send love through the mail!

  3. The stepping stones are gorgeous!!! Your grand daughters will be pleased with your mittens. I have to knit mittens for my husband every year, he like pure wool as he says they are warmer.

  4. Yarn chicken isn't very tasty! I avoid it at all costs. Lovely mittens!

  5. The stepping stone is so pretty. Love the little "paw prints".

    I'm sure your granddaughter is going to feel a hug from you every time she wears her mittens.

  6. The mittens are fantastic and winning yarn chicken is a bonus!

  7. I think that is one of my favorite of the stepping stones. So pretty. Your cold is what we consider warm. It was 33F when I walked Chloe this morning and I was thrilled! :-)
    Your mittens turned out so pretty but that was a CLOSE game of yarn chicken. Glad you won.

  8. Brrrr......that is cold! It has been in the 20's here and I have to say I am hating it. 30 I can do-20 not so much. And where is that sun? No snow. No sun. I guess winter is going to be as bad as summer was.

  9. It is too cold for me to be outside unless I'm in constant motion!
    I love the mittens. And congratulations on winning in Yarn Chicken!

  10. Lovely mittens! It's cold here to - but we're supposed to get rain later in the day. I think it's going to be a day of sewing for me.


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