Sunday, December 13, 2020

I DO...

I've been doing more of the little bells and stockings and even hand sewed a cone-shaped bit of fur to be the 'head' to go under the gnome hat! 
 I still have to add a wooden bead for a nose and a jingle bell and hanger...
all in good time.
Most of our day yesterday was joining with our church family 
to celebrate a marriage ceremony! 
 It was so good to share good food and share their joy!

This is what greeted me as we pulled up our driveway to the garage; 
 Home Sweet Home all lit up!


  1. Love all of the goodies you've made! The fur worked perfectly.
    I'm sure the wedding was beautiful and it was nice for all to celebrate.
    Your house looks so festive too. We have our little string of lights by the RV but nothing like yours.

  2. What cute ornaments!!!
    Your house looks beautiful all lit up. My neighbor just put lights on his little boat that sits by our driveway. People have really gone all out this year. We are going to take a tour of the town by car on my birthday-weather permitting. They are calling for snow but I am pretty sure it will be rain. It usually is anymore when the get us all excited about snow.

  3. Your decorations look very pretty.


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