Saturday, December 5, 2020

Not Moss Just Mushrooms

I actually ws able to spend some time at the lathe today!  
It was so much fun!  I am not quite done with the first mushroom from the small branch of the magnolia tree. 
 I am going to make a merry little trio for my daughter
 from different woods and different heights/shapes. 
 It's nice not to be 'wrong' for a shape! lol
And I added a bit of personality to the snowmen! 
 I ended up just painting black dots with acrylic paint
 and then sealing it with the spray lacquer. 
 Now to find some festive narrow ribbons!
And I began the piecing for the top and bottom rows of stars-
only 9 more to go!

The latest watercolor card.  
Inspired by a recent post on YouTube by Ellen Crimi-Trent.



  1. The mushroom is so fun!!!! The snowmen turned out great, too. And that painting is amazing! Great technique of the blank silhouette for the deer; it evokes the stillness and silence of that scene.

  2. What jolly little snowmen!!
    Your watercolor is lovely. I'll have to look at that tutorial.

  3. Mushrooms! I love mushrooms!!!!
    Those snowman are adorable!

  4. The snowmen!!!! Oh my goodness! It's amazing how the personalities emerged with the addition of a few dots.
    The mushroom is so cool too. Do you have a pattern of sorts for the lathe or is all of your work "freehand"?
    That stag is gorgeous. Such a peaceful scene.


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