Friday, December 4, 2020

Pitiful Little....

Pitiful little has been done in the way of creative.  I would like a secretary to handle all of the mundane bill paying, correspondence to doctor's, etc--but for now, we do have one and it's me!  Late afternoon I did cut some piles of Accuquilt pieces for some LeMoyne blocks to go with this map panel Cassandra asked me to turn into a quilt.  I love it when my kids as for my sewing skills on their behalf!
I didn't get to paint the snowman faces/buttons but I did collect the supplies....
This is the other reason for slow-motion;  freezing temperatures that killed many plants including the bananas!  
Nasty winter that blows our way every once in a while!
I also knit a few more bells....
and some more stockings. 
 And I have written the instructions for the stocking in the round without a heel turn or gusset-very fast knit now without seaming!   
I am going to tackle making the bell in the round today-
it will take a lot more thinking and I couldn't do it last night! lol 
 Here's to embracing slow-motion!
(I am having lathe withdrawal....)


  1. I can't believe how cold it got south of us. Snow in Atlanta? None here. It's not even that cold. I'm still waiting for that first frost. It's blustery but the sun is pretty warm. This is one crazy winter coming off a very crazy summer.

  2. I hate all those mundane chores that need to be done - especially bill paying!

  3. Sorry to hear about the bananas. Luckily, they do come back.

    I didn't know it got all the way down to freezing. I remember years like that. The poor heat pump could NOT keep up.

  4. Don't you just hate "real" life getting in the way of crafting? :-) I've had a morning like so far. I haven't even showered yet and it's 10:30! Just cleaning and bill paying and grocery ordering.
    I'm sorry about your cold. Is that unusual there. It's been really cold here too but that's to be Jan., Feb, and March! Not normal for here this early with such prolonged cold.


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