Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Wooed by the Wood Shop!

I worked on the quilting finally for the Christmas Hunter Stars....just swoops and loops but I still have to quilt the holly leaves in the rest of the border.  Sigh.
Bill was hard at work repairing the stove that dared to die the day before Thanksgiving when I had 4 pies inside!  
I t ended up being the heating element but at least that is an easier fix 
than the 'brains' which is cost prohibitive!
I was chomping at the bit to get to the new bandsaw;  first up was this kind of log segment.  It is going to reduce so much chipping away at the lathe to make a bowl.
See how I can now start out with a round shape instead of all of the irregularities of a hunk of wood!  I won't begin this bowl right away-
I wanted to make another snowman!  
No, this isn't a shadow but the cool way the grain of this wood grew!  
I've got some lacquer to apply, then to paint the face-all pleasurable steps!
Since I was on a roll, I pulled out the Sapalee wood I bought last month
 and cut a circle of this,

and immediately placed it on the lathe.
In no time, I had done this!  It is 4" x 2" deep.
 Wow to the wood-it is amazing!  
No wonder is is called the poor man's mahogany!


  1. The endless possibilities of the unique woodgrain of each new piece of wood make for excitement every time you start a new project! Wow!

  2. Beautifiul! I find that looking at different grains in wood can be very meditative.

  3. Most of the furniture in my house is wood: I love the warmth and the beauty of the grain. It saddens me to see so any people painting beautiful oak furniture just to be trendy.

  4. That bowl is just gorgeous!! I was looking at wooden salad bowls and couldn't believe the price of them. Now that I see how much work goes into something like that I get it.

  5. I love that "shadow" grain in the snowman. You are going to make so many bowls that you'll have to open a shop. They are gorgeous. I love wood everything. Furniture, natural woodwork, BOWLS!
    It looks like you're having a blast in the woodshop. You could be one of Santa's elves. :-)

  6. The heating element went in our dryer the other day. But I was able to get one on Amazon for $40, and Dave was able to install it himself. We got the dryer used for free from a friend, so we really can't complain! It didn't take Dave long to fix it either (and I didn't have pies it could affect! Yikes!)

    I am enjoying your woodworking so much!

  7. I dissapear for a few days and your world explodes in all the things!! How exciting for your new toy, although I would have no clue how to use it. LOL! And that new bowl, OH, MY!!! You amaze me.


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