Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Pay the Man!

The bandsaw is complete and operating which is a sure sign of a successful 'put it together project' but I will tell you, if the store had offered a service to put it together for me, I would pay $100 for them to do it! lol  But Bill and I worked for 6 hours and were still able to smile after all of the struggles!  Let me tell you, the new instructions offered with most items do NOT tell you HOW to put it together but rather show you a picture then you can figure it out for yourself!  It was too late to really use it last night but I will be trying it out this morning!
Before we started the work on the bandsaw, I did a few other projects-the third mushroom is off the lathe and I will be applying shellac or lacquer on them today.  They make a cute little family!
I made a few more blocks for the map quilt--if you look closely on the blue block on the right, I put sewed it wrong-the blue and white pieces are not in the same layout as the others.  Instead of ripping it out, I will make the other blocks for the bottom row the same as this one and it will be a quirk that only I will really see!
 The latest painting is a festive gnome gathering!  


  1. Adorable gnome painting!
    And well done on the bandsaw assembly!

  2. All of your projects are fun!! Love your little mushrooms. Congratulations on the band saw!!! (and still smiling after:))

  3. Impressive work on the saw; please be careful of your talented fingers! What a clever solution for the "naughty" block. Love your mushrooms and those adorable gnomes!

  4. ❤️ the gnome lineup! I’m not a fan of pictorial directions and prefer written directions. If I can, I pay for assembly AND delivery.

  5. Good for you with the saw. I really don't think anyone but you would ever see that block problem. Even after you told us, I had to REALLY look! That gnome bunch. Oh my goodness they are cute.

  6. Wow....that was some job. It seems like everyone is going to the Ikea method of directions these days which makes things not so easy to DIY anymore.
    I love those gnomes! This has been the year for them. I am seeing them everywhere.

  7. Love, love, LOVE the gnomes.

    I hate picture instructions. Give me clearly written, accurate instructions to follow.


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