Friday, December 11, 2020

Damage Control

I hung all of my Christmas cactuses in the hanging pots in my arches-
they are so pretty!
Bill has the garland up on our gates now, too. 
 It looks festive but even better at night!
See what the frost does-wipes out whole sections of our bushes--
this is the Turk's Cap.
And good thing the butterflies are all gone because the Knotweed bush is knocked back to nothing-I pruned it back to several feet is all and it will take a few years to get this large again!

Into the sewing room first thing today!  I want to finish up the map panel quilt so I can load it up on the frame-as soon as I finish my holly leaves on the one on there now! lol

BTW, the knitting with a friend was a wonderful time!


  1. The plants do look so nice hanging in the arches!

  2. Christmas Cactus'us look so great!! enjoy your sewing day!

  3. In spite of the frost your yard is just lovely. So much green. It's all gray and dismal here which doesn't normally bother me but not being able to get out as much as we did is just adding insult to injury.

  4. The cactus is lovely hanging in the arches. I just have a hard time imagining green right now. It amazes me. So far the predicted snow has just been rain. Yay! No problem with that for me. I am sorry about all of the frost damage. It's so sad that just a few hours of cold takes years to recover from.
    Enjoy your sewing day. I'm "hoping" to finish the Christmas sweater today. But then, I said that yesterday too.

  5. Glad the knitting went well. Yay more person into the knitting fold.

    Our yard is pretty much all "asleep" for the winter. We are busy pulling up ivy that has gone out of control under the azaleas. The azaleas and Rose of Sharon were pruned into shape and mulch has been spread on one part of the "garden". There is still a LOT more to do.

    You'll have to show us your gates all lit up.


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