Thursday, December 17, 2020

Building a Snowman

Isn't this incredible?! 
 This plant was started from my Grandmother's so many years ago! 
 She is really shining in her old age!
I built this snowman yesterday--no cracks in this one!  
6" tall.  Face to follow.
 And I even painted one--he's waiting to deliver a hug!


  1. I wish I had rescued my Mom's Christmas cactus after she passed. I never thought about her plants and dad let them all wither from neglect before I realized. They were gorgeous too and added so much cheer to what is a pretty dreary time of year here in the Mid Atlantic. It was was hard to watch all that snow on the news when we only had more rain and mud. Your snowman is so cute! That would make a great card.

  2. What a gorgeous Christmas cactus! Mine is large, but it only had 2 blooms last year and none for several years before that. No sign of buds this year:(

  3. Love your snow man! and that cactus is gorgeous! Mine are all done blooming.

  4. The Christmas cactus is gorgeous. I’ve never seen one so full of blooms!

  5. That is one gorgeous cactus! All of those blooms. It definitely likes its environment.
    And cutie pie snowmen too, both the wood and the painted versions. The painted one does look like he would be happy to share a hug.

  6. That is SUCH a sweet painting. You do lovely work.

  7. Adorable little guy! And who wouldn't hug that lovable snowman, except it would be a bit cold and wet, LOL!

  8. Beautiful work on the snowmen ... It's many years since I had a Christmas cactus, and am admiring the sheer heavy blossom you have on this one.


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