Monday, November 30, 2020

Socks and Stockings

The re-used yarn has finally found its true purpose! These socks are for me and they fit perfectly.  #1 needles, 12 stitch cast-on at the toe and working up using a gusset for heel, leg over 64 stitches in a k3,-p1 rib.  Again, I like the way the colors pool instead of striping over the heel ;  it might drive someone else crazy and I admit, doing a simple short row heel would voids this but I like the crazy at my ankles!

And each sock has its own pooling pattern even though the rest of the sock matches its mate.
This is the other pattern from my Mom-a little stocking just big enough for a little gift to tuck inside!  This is two strands of Bare Hare from KnitPicks for the cuff and my handspun for the body of the sock;  the pattern calls for worsted weight. This is 4 1/2" long;  I will make a stocking with #1 needles and sock yarn for comparison later today.  

I will post instructions tomorrow just in time for December!

(Betsy you can compare patterns!)


  1. I like the pools, too — visual interest!

  2. I love how the pooling is different! It reminds me of geyser pools.

  3. Cute socks! Pup's sweater is pooling like crazy and I love it. It's real psychedelic!

  4. Pooling can sometimes bother me but I like your socks and how the yarn pooled. I have some mini socks somewhere. I wonder if they survived the move. . .

  5. I really like your socks and how the pooling worked out. Sometimes it is great fun! The mini sock looks just like the ones I made for the Veterans Home last year. 100 socks given to the residents. I hear they were very happy with them.

  6. Lovely-looking socks! Always nice to make something for oneself ...


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