Monday, November 9, 2020

Plowing On!

It turn out beautifully after the wash and dry!  
The quilt is a very comfortable size and pleasing colors/prints! 

 Nice to see it done, right Mom?!
See what I mean about the prints?! 
 The quilting lines worked out really well in its simplicity;  
the perfect pairing with the quilt.  
I tried to show the texture here!
One sock down and one the way to the second! 
 And I remembered to reverse the lace insert, too!

Here's to a great week!



  1. The quilt is lovely!! The quilting is just perfect with those fabrics in that pattern.

  2. Well done! I prefer simple quilt patterns because I think people USE simple quilts more than fancy ones. I want my quilts to be worn out by use and love.

  3. Oh what a beautiful quilt! I love how it looks after the laundry. Pleasingly wrinkley! :-)
    That is a beautiful sock too. Did you tell us the pattern and I've forgotten already? I like the simpleness of the one little pattern on the side.

  4. It did turn out beautifully!!!
    I love the color of those socks. I need to dig out some of my fall colored ones but it's was 72 degrees here today.

  5. It makes. wonderful texture! I need to look into doing pantos on my frame. I have seen it done, just need to research what I need. Love all the projects you have going right now!

  6. I am in awe of how much creativity you can generate in so many different fields ... Both the quilt and the socks are lovely.

  7. Congrats on your quilt AND sock finish!!

  8. Another gorgeous scrappy quilt. Love the soft grey sashing.

  9. Lovely Lovely Lovely!!! That quilting is just perfect for it!!

  10. Nice work on the quilt! What pattern did you use on that pretty sock?


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