Monday, March 27, 2023


Isn't this an amazing amaryllis?!!! 
 It looks radiant next to her orange sisters!
 I have the fun part done on the Palmier sweater! It's always a bit sad to now be faced with the monotony of the solid  stockinette but this cotton yarn is smooth and works very quickly on the #6 needles!  I took this picture when I was in the process of knitting onto another needle with a longer cable so it won't be so bunched up after the last  increase;  I am not cranking around on
 308 stitches now!


  1. Very different color palettes there! :) -Marsel

  2. Pretty. Round and round knitting is good for when you have something on TV to watch.

  3. Beautiful flowers - in the garden and on the sweater!

  4. Pretty amaryllis blooms! I enjoy mindless knitting and use removable markers to measure my progress.

  5. Pretty! I've got the same thing happening with Riddari. I've got miles of plain stockinette before I get to the fun part since it's a bottom up. All over colorwork may take forever to finish but it's a lot more fun to work on.

  6. What a beautiful flower. It's so welcome up here where everything is still all brown. That sweater is going to be amazing. I do love the colorwork you've done.


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