Wednesday, March 29, 2023


I have had this bowl on the lathe for too long--I kept having trouble with the tenon chipping and letting the bowl go.  I took it off and rearranged the bottom and then carved out 
the scoop of the bowl!  
It felt good to work at the lathe again!  I then sanded it inside and out and put on two coats of the SealCoat.  Today, I will be putting the final finish on it and take it off the lathe after I remove the tenon.  Here's hoping for a successful finsh all the way around! lol
We had a T-storm roll up tonight so I sat and played with the Diamond Dotz and made another coaster!



  1. There's a guy on YouTube I think called justinwood and I've been watching him make stuff on his lathe. It really is fascination to watch the transformation.

  2. That’s a beautiful and unique bowl.

  3. I’m still just as intrigued by the bowls as I was when you first started! -Marsel

  4. What lovely sheen is on that bowl. I applaud your fixing on the pants, my issue with pants are the low rise fit, which is even lower when you are taller than the average Misses pants size. So I always feel like I am loosing my pants! But I just don't take the time to deepen the rise. Maybe I need to fiddle with that.


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