Tuesday, March 28, 2023


I dug out several pairs of light weight summer pants that fint when I had the 25lb weight gain last Spring and decided to do some alterations so they will fit now!  
Just taking in the seams doesn't always work on elastic-waisted pants because the seat and hips are still not right. 
 You can see the difference in seat seam here. 
 After I cut apart the inseams on both legs, 
I can open the pants up and line up for the new crotch line.
It's a breeze then to stitch the new seams, press and have some new pants again! I also had a pair of jean capris to take in but I do them differently-I cut little slits on each side seam on the inside of the waist band and insert elastic.  I secure it on one seam and then mark where it is even on the open end and pull it out at least 3-4" farther-that waistband is dense and it needs more pull than you think to draw in.

Once I draw the line, I then secure the spot with a wide zig-zag and trim it off.  (I am not of an age or shape to tuck my t-shirts in so I do not mind that the stitching shows a bit on the outside!)
Since I do not wear a belt I don't need to stitch the belt loop back onto the jeans but I do....

This is what the corners of the blocks started doing while on the design wall.  It drove me crazy.
I searched for answers and found this--press the seams open and then use a Tailor's Clapper to set them open.
I didn't have such an item (but I will soon!) 
 I used the Tailor's Ham to weight it down and it worked! 
 This is what I will be doing at Quilting today--repressing all of the blocks I have already done.  I have this many more to make so it is good to figure out how to fix it now!

Begonias hanging in each of my hanging pots!

*I am late posting because my eyes (ocular rosacea) decided to throw a fit yesterday by burning and swelling so that by evening I couldn't see well enough to type, etc, and I ended up going to bed way early-I slept all night and this morning they are doing better, gratefully!



  1. That's quite a bit of sewing!

    I hope your eyes are feeling better today

  2. I haven't seen a Tailor's Ham since home ec. My mother used to love to make Taylor's Ham for breakfast and when I was a kid and I thought it was hilarous.
    Hope the eyes are feeling better. You can't do much without them.

  3. Impressive !! I do not like altering - and look at you go!!
    I hope your eyes are better today!!

  4. Your begonia is beautiful!

    Hope you are feeling better today.

  5. Hope your eyes aren't giving you much discomfort now. It's great you are able to alter your clothes and create so many quilts. I never learned a thing about sewing and wish I had now when I think of all the things I could be doing.

  6. Altering clothing is art. I dabble at it with some success. When I work on projects like that, I’m grateful I have a sewing machine and have the confidence to try.

  7. Sorry to hear about your eyes, that sounds nasty. Hope you feel better soon from that. Your flowers are so pretty!! I am not good at mending anything, you obviously have mad talent.

  8. I'm so sorry to hear your eyes are bothering you and very glad that they were better today. You are such an artist in so many ways. I cannot tailor clothing at all. I make my dresses because they are straight seams, nothing fancy. And they are all the same pattern.
    Your quilt blocks are going to be wonderful. I had never heard of either of those tailors tools before. You learn something new every day!


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