Tuesday, March 7, 2023


These are shaping up nicely!  Pretty exciting to wash them off and see what changes have taken place since last week!  It is hard not to peek too soon, either!
After washes off the dirt and grit from the last week's tubling, I add the next weeks' grit and mark each barrel.  The one on the left is getting polish--the last weekk for this one!  The one on the right is getting week 3 grit-it has two more weeks to tumble.
Both get loaded back on and will tumble until next week's bathing ritual again.  I have been taking a course on minerals on YouTube and am really getting a handle on this finally!  It is very interesting!!!
Oh, yeah, and just to prove I still work with yarn, too, here is a hat for my son-in-law who loves both the Buffalo Bills....
and SU (Syracuse, NY)!!!



  1. He is going to LOVE hat hat. It can be worn all of his favorite games!

  2. The rocks look so shiny. Pretty hats too.

  3. How exciting to see the changes in the rocks!
    Cute hats. They will be well appreciated. Spring may have come early this year but it's still hat weather up here because of the wind. I haven't packed mine away quite yet. The sun may be saying spring but the wind is still very much a chilly March wind which will always give me a headache if I don't have a hat on.

  4. Beautiful rocks!! I like the tiny stripes on your hats!!

  5. Curiosity is wonderful. No doubt you are learning more than you thought you would about rocks and minerals. I love the flat green and peach rocks in the first photo.

  6. Lovely stones!! I like the green ones especially!


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